Kids, this reminds me of you…

I sit here, consumed with boredom and frustration due to my foot…how I wish I was there with you all. As I was scrolling through Instagram I came across this BEAUTIFUL sight…


…it was then that I realised, not only does it remind me of you, but I’ve found my ‘Welcome Back!’ cake!!! Yayyy!!! 

Monster Mash!

The Art Show is fast approaching! Our class theme is all things MONSTER! Rooaaarrr!!! 😀 In the art room we have been working on a secret project (you will see on the night!). We will also be creating some paintings and other monstery-crafts in the coming weeks – check out our painting sesh!

Monster paint 2 Monster paint 1

Pretty cool, huh?


That is a very fine house, my dear..
The birdhouse maths workshop is off to a flying start (pun intended..!) Students have been sketching and starting to design the nets for their houses – and it’s not as easy as you’d think! Here are our designs so far..


Aya and Sanja decided to make a quick prototype to test out their net design. Now to decide on a rectangular or octagonal roof? Chloe designing a hexagonal prism net for her house, while Sanja and Natalija discuss another possible desgn.

[Watch this space!]